Feeling the Presence of God

I was re-reading Kelly’s comment to “Hearing the Voice of God” (my previous blog). I was struck again by her description of the feeling of the absence of God. It got me thinking about the feeling of the presence of God. You might think that the presence of God is so intangible it cannot be felt, but that is just not true! There is a stark difference in the atmosphere of different homes. While much of it can be attributed to cozy or lovely decorating and the welcome you are given, there is nothing that can be compared to a home that has the presence of God in it. The presence of God is a tangible Peace that fills every corner, even the furnace room you’ve had to take shelter in during a violent storm. It feels like there are warm companions surrounding you….even when you are alone. The presence of God in your home makes it just about impossible to feel fearful….even when things go bump in the night. The presence of God is that comforting, peaceful feeling that my Mother comments on when she visits. The presence of God makes you feel safe and welcome, no matter if the dishes are done or not.

Sometimes the presence of God wooshes in when you least expect it and surprises you.  A few months ago, I was working in a small office at my place of employment. I can’t even remember now what exactly had happened that God had helped me with, but I had stopped everything and was talking to God in my heart about how grateful I was for what He had done. While I was thanking God for this really cool thing He had done for me, suddenly His presence flowed into that little office in a strong wave and increased and increased until the tears flowed down my cheeks and I had to laugh. I said to God, that the folks in the neighboring offices must be wondering what they were feeling, then I said the alarms ought to be going off any minute! We had a good laugh, Jesus and I!

I remember the first time I really felt the presence of God. I was a young woman and had just heard about the need to be filled with the Holy Ghost. The trouble was, I had been raised Catholic and part of that faith says that you receive the Holy Ghost during one of the sacraments. I was sitting in my living room on an old broken down rocker, looking out the window and talking to God. It went something like this. “Lord, Br. Kaske (pastor of the church I had been invited to) has said that I must have the Holy Ghost to be saved. Now, Lord I think I already have the Holy Ghost because when I went through my First Holy Communion…or maybe when I was confirmed…I’m not sure which…they told me that I received the Holy Ghost, but; if I don’t already have the Holy Ghost, I need it, so Jesus, if I don’t already have the Holy Ghost…which I think I do have because I received it when I went through communion or confirmation…one of the two…please fill me with your Holy Ghost.” Then, I paused and more distinctly than I can describe, a presence poured onto me. It was like warm honey being poured onto my head. It proceeded to pour into me and through me and into my chest. It was the most lovely, overpowering presence of love that I have ever, to this day felt. Yes, the presence of God.

I think it’s time to get off of this computer and read my Bible and pray until the presence of God fills this place again.

Goodnight folks,



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  1. This is beautiful! Thank-you.

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