Who’s the Boss?

“Who is this and what have you done with my sister?” This was the response I got from my sister when I texted her recently, telling her I had cut way back on my coffee consumption. Well, I had to laugh because her response of disbelief was with good reason. It doesn’t matter if you know me well or only as a Facebook contact, you have probably figured out I love my coffee…even my timeline pic on Facebook features a cup of coffee. I’m known for my love of sitting on my couch at the front window with a good cup of coffee so I can pray and watch my birds, so when I told my sister I was cutting way back on my coffee consumption, she viewed it as a drastic step out of character.

 There were a couple of reasons I decided to cut back on my coffee consumption, one reason being an occasional breathless feeling and also the creeping certainty that as the economy tanks, coffee will become an unaffordable luxury. I did not want to have a two pot a day habit when that time came. I quit making coffee a pot at a time and went to making one cup at a time. This may not save a whole lot of coffee yet since it takes a minimum amount of grounds to make a cup, but it is forcing me to be mindful about drinking it. I have to WANT a cup of coffee and no longer do I dump a cold cup down the sink to pour a fresh, hot cup, (ooh…even writing that makes me want a fresh, hot cup) but I either drink it cold or nuke it…something serious coffee drinkers would never even consider doing.

 What got me thinking about this today was a post from End Time Headlines. It was a picture that said: “Dear God, I don’t want anything to have an ‘I-have-to-have-this-claim on my life. May I die to my cravings that I may live focused on you.” This brought to my mind my recent determination to undo the damage done to my proactive, healthy-living style, by my relapse to the anything-goes-along-with-the-flow-style of living. My relapse has cost me a many pound weight gain and a great deal of loss of muscle mass. As I was contemplating the statement on the picture and trying to remember what I did to live a healthy lifestyle for three full years, I remembered something God had spoken to me a few months back, just before I left for a three-week visit to my daughter. I couldn’t quite remember it exactly but had a good hunch as to where I wrote it down. I am so glad I wrote it down. Here it is…….

Who’s the Boss is now available at my new web-site:


Please join me there!


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