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Burden Bearer: Part 2


Like a Cookbook

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The Crushing of the Rose: Part 4

“Sister, I believe I have a Word from the Lord for you.”  My dear friend and her husband stood at the front door of my house. They had their coats on and had been preparing to leave after a lovely visit. She turned to her husband after her surprising announcement, seeking his approval. He gestured for her to continue. I stepped forward to receive what she was about to say.

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Who’s the Boss?

“Who is this and what have you done with my sister?” This was the response I got from my sister when I texted her recently, telling her I had cut way back on my coffee consumption. Well, I had to laugh because her response of disbelief was with good reason. It doesn’t matter if you know me well or only as a Facebook contact, you have probably figured out I love my coffee…even my timeline pic on Facebook features a cup of coffee. I’m known for my love of sitting on my couch at the front window with a good cup of coffee so I can pray and watch my birds, so when I told my sister I was cutting way back on my coffee consumption, she viewed it as a drastic step out of character.

 There were a couple of reasons I decided to cut back on my coffee consumption, one reason being an occasional breathless feeling and also the creeping certainty that as the economy tanks, coffee will become an unaffordable luxury. I did not want to have a two pot a day habit when that time came. I quit making coffee a pot at a time and went to making one cup at a time. This may not save a whole lot of coffee yet since it takes a minimum amount of grounds to make a cup, but it is forcing me to be mindful about drinking it. I have to WANT a cup of coffee and no longer do I dump a cold cup down the sink to pour a fresh, hot cup, (ooh…even writing that makes me want a fresh, hot cup) but I either drink it cold or nuke it…something serious coffee drinkers would never even consider doing.

 What got me thinking about this today was a post from End Time Headlines. It was a picture that said: “Dear God, I don’t want anything to have an ‘I-have-to-have-this-claim on my life. May I die to my cravings that I may live focused on you.” This brought to my mind my recent determination to undo the damage done to my proactive, healthy-living style, by my relapse to the anything-goes-along-with-the-flow-style of living. My relapse has cost me a many pound weight gain and a great deal of loss of muscle mass. As I was contemplating the statement on the picture and trying to remember what I did to live a healthy lifestyle for three full years, I remembered something God had spoken to me a few months back, just before I left for a three-week visit to my daughter. I couldn’t quite remember it exactly but had a good hunch as to where I wrote it down. I am so glad I wrote it down. Here it is…….

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The Crushing of the Rose: Part 3

The Crushing of the Rose: Part 3

The Crushing of the Rose: Part 3

“It is dangerous to have a prophet in your life, Sister.” My pastor’s Bolivian accent made the words he spoke take on a portentous undertone. Though he was telling me of times he had delivered prophetic messages that had not been heeded, it felt suddenly as though his words were meant for me.

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On The Right Track

On The Right Track

On The Right Track

It was dark and snowy. I was at a deserted train station. My arms were loaded with my laptop, purse and various other bulky items and I knew I couldn’t walk to my destination. I stepped down onto a set of train tracks and walked to a tiny, child size locomotive, a little larger than a go-cart because of its length. The tracks were covered with snow, lonely and lit only by the moon. I stepped to the head of the tiny locomotive and flipped a toggle switch on the top. It moved forward on the tracks, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t make it through the snow so I toggled the switch forward and backward, walking next to the engine. The train circled around back to the station and it occurred to me I had better make sure I wasn’t going to get run over by a train coming up behind me, so I carefully looked around the corner of the station building. On an adjacent track, I saw the bright beam of the headlight of a very large locomotive pulling passenger cars, approaching. As I watched, I noticed a different piece of equipment clearing heavy snow from the track ahead of the locomotive. The snow was very deep, and even the massive snow removal engine was having to go slowly ahead of the train. The locomotive slowed down and stopped at the station. I could see  inside the well-lit coach cars and the passengers appeared to be comfortable and enjoying themselves.  An uniformed man was in his place at the door of the train and the conductor could be seen in the engine area.  Suddenly, (as happens in dreams) I was standing on the station loading area,  looking at the train as it stopped. Then I woke up.

I thought of this dream a great deal over the days following, trying to understand it. One conclusion I made was that both trains were going the same direction, but were on different tracks. The thing that spoke to me was the fact that the large locomotive had a conductor (my term) and I did not. Whereas I was struggling to get to the destination on my own, the other train had all sorts of help, including a massive piece of equipment going ahead, clearing the track of obstacles, making the way safe. My tracks were snow-covered and I had to walk next to my little locomotive to move forward. The large train was well-lit and I could see the passengers moving around. The large locomotive’s tracks were lit by the strong beam of its headlight and mine were lit only by the moonlight.  As I prayed about the dream, I became more and more convinced  that God didn’t intend for me to go forward on my own. As I prayed, I felt deeply the need of a conductor and the company of like-minded saints. One Sunday morning, long after having this dream, my pastor approached me just before service and said to me that he would like to speak to me, that he had a (prophetic) Word for me. You see, I had felt I should retire and get my house on the market quickly. After a great deal of prayer and a chance circumstance, I put in my 30 day notice. I panicked for 1/2 day, wondering what in the world I had done, then it was confirmed to me over and over that it was time and it was God. I did a major push to put my house on the market at the same time as I was putting things in order at work to retire. I started working with a Realtor, did a great deal of work on my home, got rid of even more items from my home, had inspections ect. I did everything but sign the final dated paper to put it on the market, but because of a few snags, I wasn’t able to sign before time to leave to drive with my daughter to New Hampshire for an extended visit. My Pastor came to me with this Word from God just a week or so before my retirement date. What he said to me, in his Bolivian accent was, “What you are doing, Sister Watrud is uprooting yourself.” I nodded my head in agreement. “But that is not what God wants you to do.” My heart sank as he continued. “You can do that if you want to, but it will take a long time for you to re-establish yourself as it does when a plant is uprooted. What God showed me was that if you will work where you are planted, at some point He will gently pick you up tenderly in His arms, roots and all, and transplant you to where He wants you and you will flourish there.” My heart soared with this direction. I was no longer afraid to bury my roots deep, as my God would transplant me, roots and all in His own time. What a freedom I felt! I can continue to prepare my house for the market, but also use it upon occasion as an Elisha Chamber until I decide to do so. Until then, I will study, I will teach, I will serve and even visit family I haven’t gotten to spend more than a short while with. I will minister as God leads. God had spoken to me through a Brother back during Christmas of 2012. He said that I was walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and by that He meant that I was walking in the dark. He said that His promises are Yeah and Amen but that certain things had to come to pass first. I may still be walking in the dark, but I’m serving in the light.


2Kings 4:9-11 “She said to her husband, ‘Behold now, I perceive that this is a holy man of God passing by us continually. 10 Please, let us make a little walled upper chamber and let us set a bed for him there, and a table and a chair and a lampstand; and it shall be, when he comes to us, that he can turn in there.’ 11 One day he came there and turned in to the upper chamber and rested.…”

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