Funny Money

“So,” I asked the gentleman, “are you familiar with the mark of the beast and the one world money system?” “Yes.” he answered me, “And I’m making buckets of money off of it.” I had gotten to work early that morning and before I could even get my coat off, one of the employees came up to me saying that someone had a technical question for me. I quickly put my coat away, grabbed my notebook and headed back to where the man was working on a computer. What he wanted to know, in a nutshell, was whether our primary equipment communicated with all of the programs that we use in conjunction with it. My answer, in a nutshell, was….no. He went on to explain to me that the reason he asked was because he was on a work-group that was looking at ways of integrating every program we use so that all of the processes communicated without manual input of data. This would make our work flow much more efficient, streamlined and automatic. I knew all about workflow as I had been assigned to a project that was probably on the periphery of his project somewhere along the line. I had been working with a small group creating value stream maps for our department and obtaining timings of every single step of every single process of every single program for every piece of equipment for every single thing we did…yes…you heard me sigh. Since I had been working on that mind numbing  project for a while, I readily agreed with him that it would be much more efficient and there would be less waste of manpower time and effort and a great deal less rework if all of the programs communicated and automatically updated. It was what he said next that made me immediately take note. He asked me, “Are you familiar with RFID chips?” I answered that I was familiar with them. He said that what his group was looking at for a future project, was “peppering” these chips strategically in the department. This way when a client entered with their own RFID chip, all of the previous manual processes would happen automatically. I knew immediately the implications of what he was saying. Up to this point, it had been a rather  interesting, early morning conversation. I was still smiling and nodding, but suddenly I knew I was in a God Moment. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt God was revealing something momentous to me. I said lightly, “So the client would come to us with a badge of sorts with the RFID in it?” The gentleman looked away from me to his computer and answered me back with the same light tone. “Oh, I’ll probably be long gone by the time they get this figured out and implemented.” He didn’t answer my question, so I asked it a different way. I said something to the effect of, well as long as it’s not on our right hand or forehead like the mark of the beast. He seemed to know what I was referring to, so that was when I asked him, “Are you familiar with the mark of the beast and the one world money system?” and he answered matter-of-factly, “Yes, and I’m making a bucket of money off of it.” I was startled to say the least. He went on to ask me if I had heard of bit-coins.  I was somewhat familiar with the digital currency. He went on to tell me that he had gotten involved with this virtual currency early in its inception and it has seen phenomenal growth. I said, I hoped he had invested in it and he said again matter-of-factly, “Oh yes. I’ve made loads off of it.”  As he was describing the bit-coin revolution, I said to him that it sounded like it could become a world currency the way it was going. He said definitively, “Oh, it’s already global.”  I said, “I guess the one world system is already here and in place then.”  He smiled slightly and then returned his attention to his computer screen. We had both given all of the time we could to the conversation so I walked from the office knowing in my heart that I had just experienced a “God-thing”. God had revealed to me, something so big, I did not even know what to do with it.  As I walked down the hall, piece after piece of the pattern came to me. Now, I want to say right here, that this man is a super nice guy and my employer is a wonderful institution. We are not talking about an evil man or company. The trouble is, we’ve been so busy looking for the person that is “The Beast”, that the system that is “The Beast” managed to sneak up on us unawares. We have become so digitized, things that used to be a fairly simple process have become impossible to accomplish manually anymore.  Case in point: If I want to get a plastic spoon out of our stocking closet at work, I must first scan my department button, then I have to scan the product button, then I scan the correct quantity of the product, then I replace the wand and it records the total. If I just take the spoon without going through this process, eventually there will be no spoons because the trigger to restock won’t happen. Another case in point: If I want to run the equipment I run and registration has not happened first, it is next to impossible to acquire the order and if I somehow manage to bypass registration and acquire the order, it  is next to impossible to use the results of the order. Even now, many of the processes I use all day long just simply cannot happen without an electronic action taking place first and that’s in today’s world without RFID use. Do you see why it will be impossible to buy or sell or bank or get social security or medicare or unemployment or health care without an RFID chip when it rolls out and becomes the norm? We have become so automated, it will simply be impossible to go to a bank without your chip. They wouldn’t know what to do with you. They would not be able to access your account, much less let you withdraw from it, and when all currency is nothing more than electronic bit-coins how would you spend it even if they wanted to give it to you? If you can’t see this thing happening, tell me when is the last time you bought gas without swiping your card at the pump or in at the register? And truly, how often do you pay for your cart of groceries with cash? When you go to the dentist, do you hand them $1000 after they fix your crown or do you hand them your cards, whether it is for insurance or for payment? When you go to your doctor, do they pull out a clipboard and read a piece of paper or do they access your electronic medical record? Do they hang an X-Ray on a view-box or do they pull it up on the computer?

I can also see how the days of being able to walk away from debt or financial responsibility is done. We are entering a merciless era. It’s already illegal to be homeless in some cities, so if you were not able to pay your debt and lost your home, you would be RFID chipped and sent to a FEMA camp. For those that have claimed disability and have a government disability income, you would be chipped and to a FEMA  camp. You don’t want a chip you say? If you have claimed a mental disability as many, many have, you will have no choice; you will be declared incompetent to make a decision, be chipped and to a FEMA camp with you. What about that nice little nest egg you have worked so hard to save? No chip, no access, no nest egg. What about your land and your home and your car that you have faithfully paid on and are so close to paying off? No chip, no taxes paid, no record of payments made, gone is the house, the land, the vehicle. What about your church and it’s property and your building fund? No chip, no ownership recorded…gone, gone, gone.

You know what I think? I think we had better scrap our building programs and our nest eggs and our pensions and throw the money at soul winning. That money’s not going to be yours much longer anyway. At least use it for God’s kingdom while you can still call it your own. Take that money and send workers into the field. Don’t make them leave their field of labor to make the rounds of churches to drum up support. Send them money while it can still be sent. Forget the midweek Bible study except to teach new converts; do outreach instead. Start preaching points everywhere you can put together a handful of saints. Forget your comforts and entertainments and vacations! Do something for God while you can. You think you can run from this? I don’t, not from what I’ve been reading. Get your loved ones in the Ark! God is fixing to close the door. This thing is busting loose soon and I intend to be rapture ready. Are you?


The Mark of the Beast

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

 Revelation 13:16-18  

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